Angel Reese left speechless after a reporter made an “intimate” comment while he was unmuted during a video call conference

Things got a bit out of hand during the Chicago Sky press conference. Angel Reese encountered a moment unlike any other in her WNBA career, and her reaction said it all.

The rookie star, head coach Teresa Weatherspoon, and guard Marina Mabrey were left stunned after experiencing an incredibly awkward moment with a reporter who accidentally left his microphone on. What the Chicago Sky team heard was far too intimate for their ears.

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When Reese heard, “Oh my, that’s an uncomfortable topic,” she didn’t hesitate to question what was happening. But none of the attendees could have imagined the response: “I never had any interest in being intimate with anyone.” Clearly shocked, the three couldn’t believe what they had just heard-it was incredibly personal.

There was no way this moment wouldn’t go viral

The reactions of Angel and Marina quickly went viral, as their faces said it all. The mix of confusion, laughter, and disbelief spread rapidly across the internet. The call was muted for a second before Reese added, “Oooo they gonna get fired.”

Comments flooded the viral video, with fans starting to recognize the voices on the call. To the relief of the press, it wasn’t the reporter revealing his deepest secrets to the basketball team. Instead, it was a scene from the popular series The Big Bang Theory, specifically from season 6, episode 23, where Amy and Sheldon discuss when they might become more intimate.

In the end, it all resulted in laughter. However, the incident sparked a conversation about the professionalism of journalists who have the privilege of being close to WNBA stars.

While the humorous moment went viral, it also raised concerns about maintaining high standards in reporting. Fans emphasized the importance of careful, respectful coverage when bringing news about their favorite players to the public.

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