Ben Affleck chooses Jennifer Garner over Jennifer Lopez?

Cracks appear to have almost widened between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. In this, the former paid a visit to his ex-Jennifer Garner’s home in LA.

Though the Oscar winner’s kids lived with their mother, and the visit probably has to do with them, going there after moving out from his shared home with J.Lo shows how much of the relationship was left between them.

Not to mention, the 52-year-old played a key role in Ben’s life after his marriage started to get rocky.

The role, meanwhile, has to do with her efforts to mend ties between the couple and to keep him from falling down into a rabbit hole.

“He’s still the father of her children, and she’ll do whatever’s in her power to help him through the difficult transition,” a tipster tattled to Star magazine. “She’ll always love Ben. That’s a given.”

Sources, however, say her attempts at reconciliation hit a roadblock after Ben “started moving out a while ago,” as insiders told Fox News Digital.

“The marriage is completely over, and Jennifer is heartbroken. She loves love and wanted this to work so badly.”

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