Ben Affleck Is Leaning On Ex-Wife Jennifer Garner Amid Relationship Trouble With Jennifer Lopez But She Refuses To Be The ‘Marriage Counselor’?

Ben Affleck is facing major personal turmoil as his wedding with Jennifer Lopez is reportedly in trouble! Rumors claim he’s already moved his belongings out of their marital house in Beverly Hills while she was in Italy. But is the Batman actor leaning on his ex-wife Jennifer Garner for support amid all the relationship drama?

Ben Affleck Is Leaning On Ex-Wife Jennifer Garner Amid Relationship Trouble With Jennifer Lopez?

This isn’t the first time Ben and Jennifer are facing a heartbreak. Nearly two decades ago, they fell in love and began dating after JLo divorced her ex-husband, Cris Judd. They got engaged in November 2002, and while the whole world was awaiting their big day in September 2003, things went unexpectedly. Due to the excessive media attention, the couple postponed their wedding and eventually called off their relationship in January 2004.

History seems to be repeating itself as Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck did unite 20 years later and got married, but the relationship is reportedly not working out. Amid it all, a report by DailyMail claims the Justice League actor is leaning on his ex-wife Jennifer Garner for support, which also has turned a painful journey for her!

A source close to the development informs, “Jen eventually got to a place where she was like, ‘Sorry, figure this out yourself.’ It was beginning to become too painful for her because it was bringing back so many memories of their divorce. Throughout their marriage, there were times when Jen felt like she was second to JLo even though there was no communication between her and Ben for years.”

The report also claimed that close friends of Jennifer Garner have been advising her to maintain a boundary with Ben Affleck or that it could affect her relationship with her boyfriend, John Miller.

On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez is heartbroken that her marriage with Ben Affleck wasn’t the endgame.

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck, in a conversation with DailyMail, recently opened up about the media attention around her relationship with Jennifer Lopez. He said, “Getting back together, I said, ‘Listen, one of the things I don’t want is a relationship on social media. When Jen and I broke up before, it was because of the massive amount of scrutiny around our private life. Then I sort of realized it’s not a fair thing to ask.”

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