“Ben spiraling worse than before… she won’t let that happen”: Jennifer Garner Desperately Trying to Avoid One Disaster Amid Ben Affleck- Jennifer Lopez Relationship Troubles (Report)

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s highly publicized marriage troubles have reportedly caused concerns to close friends of the couple. Affleck’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner has reportedly been supporting him to avoid a spiral as the Air star was seen lashing out at a photographer recently.

Garner, who supported Affleck through his recovery from alcoholism after their marriage, has reportedly been concerned about the actor. According to a source close to the celebrity, Garner has been extremely supportive and has also visited him multiple times during the ordeal.

Jennifer Garner Extends Her Support To Ex-Husband Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck starred together in Daredevil (2003)

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck in Daredevil | Credits: Marvel Enterprises/New Regency/Horseshoe Bay Productions

Ben Affleck has been in the news lately due to rumors of divorce from his wife Jennifer Lopez. The actor reportedly lashed out at a photographer as he left his residence, with a source close to the actor stating to Life & Style that the Good Will Hunting star has been close to his breaking point with the amount of publicity his marriage is getting.

Now, a source has mentioned that his ex-wife Jennifer Garner has been rendering her support to the actor during the ordeal as she fears that he would spiral. Affleck had previously revealed his road to recovery from alcoholism which reportedly increased due to his marriage troubles back then (via THR).

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Gigli

A still from Gigli | Credits:Columbia Pictures/Revolution Studios/Casey Silver Productions/City Light Films

Another source also mentioned to Life & Style that Garner had doubts regarding Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s marriage but she was still concerned about his mental state.

Jen definitely had doubts that Ben and J. Lo would work out. But she says her biggest concern is Ben spiraling worse than before. She won’t let that happen. Jen’s moved on from Ben as a husband, but because of the children they share she’ll always feel responsible for him.

The Elektra star also reportedly visited him at his mansion and let herself in to support him.

Jennifer Garner Regrets Being More In Tune With Ben Affleck Now Than When They Were Married

Jennifer Garner in The Last Thing He Told Me

A still from The Last Thing He Told Me | Credits: Parnes Bakery Inc./Hello Sunshine/20th Television

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were married for a decade before they decided to separate in 2015 (via People). The actor reportedly stayed in the family guesthouse till 2017 to be closer to their three children and the couple were officially divorced in 2018. However, Garner reportedly supported him throughout his recovery from alcoholism (via ET).

According to an insider who spoke to Life & Style, Jennifer Garner was more aware of how Affleck functioned and that the actor confided about his issues while being married to Lopez. The insider said,

Jen is more in tune with Ben — what makes him tick, his demons, his deepest secrets — than she ever was when they were married…[her] biggest regret [with Ben] is that she couldn’t get him to open up to her more when they were together and they didn’t try even harder to save their marriage.

The insider also mentioned that though she has moved on from Affleck with John Miller, she still had love for the Batman star.

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