Bill Belichick’s New Girlfriend Has Everyone Drooling Over Her Swimsuit Photo That Was Discovered On Her Social Media Page

Bill Belichick has at least one year off from coaching after failing to land a job during the latest hiring cycle, but it certainly appears he’ll be alright.

The former New England Patriots head coach has reportedly hopped back on the horse with a 24-year-old former college cheerleader following a publicized split.

Bill Belichick's girlfriend smiling and Bill Belichick during a press conference.

Belichick broke things off with longtime girlfriend Linda Holliday last year and, according to TMZ, is now with Jordon Hudson. The publication identified Jordon this past Friday, several months after Bill got spotted with a “mystery date.”

They are understood to have met on a flight out of Boston in 2021 and stayed in touch.

“Sources close to the situation tell us the two have been romantic for a while now — becoming an item shortly after the ex-New England Patriots head coach called off his longtime relationship with Linda Holliday,” the report reads.

“According to one of Hudson’s former cheerleading teammates, Hudson first met the 72-year-old on a flight from the Boston area bound for Florida way back in 2021 … and bonded over a philosophy project the student-athlete had been working on.”

Hudson, who had just above 3,000 followers on Instagram prior to the revelation, saw that number double the following day. It has since ballooned to close to 10,000.

One of her most recent posts, which shows her out on the water, is also going viral.

It’s right below.

Bill Belichick's GF Jordon Hudson on water

Jordon Hudson (Photo via jordon_isabella/IG)

The Comments Were All About Bill Belichick…

As you would expect, most of the comments were made in reference to Jordon’s reported relationship with Belichick.

“Who came straight here??” one user joked.

“Bill is just happy that the TB ceremony is done so he can join you for European holidays!” another wrote.

“Coach Belichick has 8 Super Bowls and he’s macking on this young dime piece?! Belichick really got a dog in him for his age 🐐,” said a third.

“girl you need to turn these comments off for your own sanity,” a comment read.

Another warned, “Better bellicheck yourself before you wreck yourself.”

Belichick has yet to address the relationship report and is unlikely to. However, he recently attended Tom Brady’s Patriots Hall of Fame induction ceremony with Jordon, so he clearly isn’t concerned about keeping things under wraps anymore.

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