Caitlin Clark speaks out about former teammate Kate Martin’s latest WNBA post

Despite now being on opposite coasts, former Iowa Hawkeyes Caitlin Clark and Kate Martin have remained best friends since entering the WNBAClark currently plays for the Indiana Fever, while Martin has joined the Las Vegas Aces.

Their friendship, which began during their time as roommates at Iowa, continues to flourish, evidenced by their frequent interactions on social media. On Monday, Martin posted photos of herself with the Aces on Instagram, captioning the post with, “I love my job.” The post quickly gained attention, particularly due to Clark’s heartfelt responses.

Clark, who is known for her dynamic play on the court, showed her softer side with an emotional reply: “love you.” This message resonated with fans, showcasing the deep bond between the two athletes. Clark didn’t stop there; she also commented on a mention of Martin’s mother, Jill, in one of the photos. “Just here for jilly bean,” she wrote, using a personal nickname for Martin’s mom, further highlighting the close-knit nature of their relationship.

The Hawkeyes bond is growing in the WNBA

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Caitlin Clark’s locker room celebration after historic WNBA triple-double

The ongoing camaraderie between Clark and Martin is a heartwarming story for fans, illustrating that despite professional commitments and geographical distance, their friendship remains strong.

Fans eagerly anticipate the next time the former Hawkeyes will face each other on the court, which is set for September 11. Until then, they continue to support and celebrate each other’s successes from afar.

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