Cincinnati Bengals Player’s Former Fiancee Stars In Music Video Just Weeks After Their Shocking Breakup

TikTok star Tianna Robillard shed a few tears due to the end of her relationship, which was headed toward marriage, but her days of crying are over.

Tianna Robillard decided to wipe her tears and use her talents of making content to be featured in the music video for “Girls” by Australian rapper and singer The Kid LAROI.

Tianna Robillard smiling

Also in that video with her was LSU star gymnast Olivia Dunne, who is dating Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Paul Skenes, and Alix Earle, who is dating Miami Dolphins wide receiver Braxton Berrios.

There is no telling when this video was actually shot despite it just being released on Friday.

As we all know, two weeks ago, Tianna Robillard’s personal life came crashing down when she tearfully announced that she was no longer engaged to Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman Cody Ford.

The pair had just gotten engaged in April.

TikToker Tianna Robillard Tearfully Explains Breaking Up With Cincinnati Bengals Star Cody Ford Nearly 2 Months After Engagement

Tianna Robillard and Cody Ford are seemingly done with their relationship.

The TikTok star took to social media and revealed that she and the Cincinnati Bengals guard broke up just a mere two months after sharing news of their engagement.

“You want answers, I know,” Tianna explained in a TikTok video from June 12th as she responded.

“I don’t really know what to say, really. But it’s true. It’s over. It’s never going to be back together. That’s for damn sure.”


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The 27-year-old let her emotions show as she filmed herself inside of a packed-up car.

“I love him, and I always will,” she continued. “But some things are unrecoverable, and I just pray for healing and for him to be okay at the end of the day. One thing I can say is I would love just love to be spread to both him and I during this time. No matter what, I hope he receives love and light.”

In the end, Tianna asked for privacy and respect for both her and Cody, “My world feels like it’s turned upside down and my world feels like it’s just gonna be different,” she said, breaking down in tears again. “I just want love and light to me and to him.”

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