Drew Bledsoe Reveals Wild Never-Before-Heard Story About The Time Tom Brady Almost Fought Him On A Ski Hill Over Gisele

NFL legends Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe are two of the most essential names in New England Patriots and NFL history. After the events of the 2001 season, the two quarterbacks became practically synonymous.

Bledsoe and Brady may be extremely close, but there’d be no argument if one were to say that the two former NFL signal callers have been at odds a few times. Drew Bledsoe recently revealed one of these times.

Tom Brady during a game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Drew Bledsoe at the Tom Brady Roast

Kay Adams recently had the aforementioned Bledsoe join her on an episode of her show. They talked about many things, one of which was an interesting situation that he and the GOAT had during a skiing trip.

The elder quarterback started by throwing a couple of jabs at the GOAT before telling the story about how he first met Gisele on accident during the ski trip after trying to spray top and missing, covering Gisele in the process.

Tom Brady Still Speaks Highly Of Drew Bledsoe

Bledsoe also talked about how Brady looked mad after the situation occurred before Gisele immediately gave him a big hug. He spoke about how, later that night at supper, she explained why she gave Bledsoe a big hug after the incident.

Gisele apparently spoke to Bledsoe and told him that she usually doesn’t give people hugs the first time they meet. However, Bledsoe is “spoken of so highly” in the Brady household, which is something that may shock some people.

This was a heartwarming story to hear after the live Netflix roast of Tom Brady. Brady was absolutely torn to shreds by many of the people he met throughout his NFL career and many comedians. Bledsoe was one of the many people who made an appearance!

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