Everyone Is Praying For Dallas Cowboys Legend Michael Irvin Following Heartbreaking Family Announcement

Michael Irvin is in need of prayers after revealing his tragic family news.

On Tuesday, the Dallas Cowboys legendary wide receiver took to social media and revealed that his wife, Sandy, is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Michael Irvin at NFL game

Speaking to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Irvin revealed that his wife had been dealing with the disease for over five years. It has gotten so bad that it has kept her from walking or even speaking, and she currently requires a live-in caretaker and 24-hour care.

Irvin further made it clear that no matter how bad it is, he refuses to put his wife in a nursing home.

“If anyone has earned the right to stay in her house, MY WIFE HAS!!!,” Irvin said to the outlet. “That I shall honor. No matter what it takes.”

“The Bible says, if you suffer with me you shall reign with me,” Irvin said. “Those guys were with me in the hard times. Let me step and try to reciprocate that kind of relationship.”

Fans took to social media and sent their prayers for Michael Irvin and his wife.

Michael and Sandy are both 58 years old, so she has been battling the disease since she was at least 53.

Both of the lovers began dating each other when he played college football with the Miami Hurricanes. They would get married in 1990 after his second year in the league with the Dallas Cowboys.

They will celebrate their 34th anniversary this month.

Michael Irvin was Suspended And Eventually Fired By The NFL Network

Pro Football HOFer and NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin was initially suspended from the NFL Network after a woman who worked at a Marriott hotel accused him of making a sexually inappropriate comment.

Irvin, who joined NFL Network in 2009 as an analyst, eventually lost his job after the network made numerous layoffs and cutbacks, which he was part of.

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