Ex-Wife Pilar’s Favoritism Accusations Against Deion Sanders Go down the Drain as Shelomi Enjoys a Friendly Game With Dad

Shelomi Sanders’ one decision sizzled the doused down spite between former couple Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders. Deion Sanders’s single “stupid” comment against Shelomi’s major decision to leave Colorado was where it all started. Her mother, Pilar Sanders, who is a constant support in her life, was aghast from hearing the word stupid for her daughter’s decision as she publicly bashed Deion Sanders on her YouTube Channel.

“How about supporting somebody else? We know you have your favorites. We all know that. We’ve all seen it throughout life,” Pilar Sanders bluntly asked on camera, with the spearhead words clearly directed at Prime even though no names were taken. “So Shelomi has taken the lead of her own life. It’s not stupid. What’s stupid is the comment. What’s ignorant is going out concerning Shelomi,” Pilar later added.

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However, all it took for Deion Sanders to silence these allegations of his ex-wife was a game of cornhole. In a recently released exclusive video by the PreGame Network, Prime is seen sharing a hearty bonding moment with daughter Shelomi over some rounds of cornhole. The smiles that they had during the exchange were enough to quash all those allegations. 

During the game, when Deion Sanders jokingly mentioned to his daughter that he has been “giving her life,” Shelomi quickly retorted with “I’ve been had life.” Deion Sanders took a moment to realize what she had said before commenting, “You got life now, okay.” Although Deion Sanders won the cornhole game against Shelomi, he also won against ex-wife Pilar Sanders’s allegations against him by bonding with his daughter. And this is not the only time Deion Sanders has won against ex-wife Pilar.

Ugly secrets of Deion Sanders’- Pilar’s divorce revealed

Shilo Sanders losing a $11.8 million assault and battery lawsuit was the biggest fiasco of the Sanders family. John Darjean, the victim of Shilo Sanders’ assault, confessed the primary reason behind the assault to Prime and Pilar’s mutual hatred.

“He didn’t like Pilar at all,” Darjean confessed on ‘Fearless’ podcast with Jason Whitlock. Darjean also revealed that Shilo Sanders wanted to live with his mother. However, as Deion Sanders got sole custody during their divorce, he didn’t allow Shilo for it. “His mom is not allowed to talk to him. She just got out of jail or something,” Darjean later added.

The Collin County court’s judgment and Pilar Sanders’s defamation trial following it were some of the ugliest turns Deion Sanders and ex-wife Pilar Sanders’ lives took. Yet, they both are always there for their children keeping all bitter differences away.

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