Exclusive: Jennifer Garner Braces to ‘Pick Up the Pieces’ If Ben Affleck Falls Off the Wagon Again

Jennifer Garner is once again stepping into the spotlight, not for her latest film or TV project, but for her unwavering support of her ex-husband, Ben Affleck. Amidst ongoing rumors about marital troubles between Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, sources reveal that Garner is prepared to help Affleck if he faces another relapse in his battle with addiction.

The Current State of Affairs

Recent reports suggest that Affleck and Lopez are navigating through a rough patch in their marriage. The couple has been spotted together at various family events, including their son Samuel’s basketball game and their daughter Violet’s graduation, presenting a united front despite underlying tensions. However, insiders note that their relationship is strained, partly due to their demanding careers and differing priorities.

Garner’s Role

Jennifer Garner, who has maintained a close co-parenting relationship with Affleck since their divorce in 2018, is reportedly ready to step in should Affleck relapse. A source close to Garner mentioned, “Jennifer is always there for Ben and the kids. If things go south, she’ll be there to pick up the pieces.

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