Former Heisman Trophy Winner And NFL Quarterback Accused Of Being ‘Racist’ Towards Angel Reese With Harsh Comments

Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark will forever be tied to each other. They were the most talked about in college, and it continues in the WNBA, as now a former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback is weighing in with some harsh comments.

On Sunday, another chapter in their rivalry was formed when Former LSU star Angel Reese’s Chicago Sky team lost to Clark’s Indiana Fever, but one play stood out from them all.

Angel Reese on bench making funny face

In the game, Caitlin Clark was driving to the basket, trying to make a right-handed layup when Reese came over to block her shot. Instead, her elbow would hit Clark’s head, and the common foul would be reviewed, and refs switched it to a flagrant foul.

Matt Leinart, who won a national championship and a Heisman Trophy at USC before flaming out in the NFL, took to his X account and called for Reese to be suspended for her foul on Caitlin Clark, saying, “Angel Reese should be suspended. Period. Not good for the game.”

He added: “No one is soft bud. It’s repetitive tho. Bad for the game.”

Fans took to his comment section and accused him of being racist.

Angel Reese Rips Res And Calls Out Caitlin Clark For Getting Preferential Treatment

Caitlin Clark attempted a layup on Sunday when Angel Reese intervened to try and block her shot. The contact she made was not made on the ball, but rather to the head of Clark.

While Clark later remarked that she didn’t believe the foul was intentional, Reese was pissed when she spoke to reporters.

“I guess some people got a special whistle,” commented Reese towards Clark in response to refs likely protecting her via CBS.

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