Former No. 1 Overall Pick Jamarcus Russell Fired From His Assistant Coaching Job Over Disturbing Allegations

Jamarcus Russell is no longer part of the football staff at Williamson High School.

The former No. 1 overall pick joined his alma mater as a volunteer assistant coach in 2018 but was relieved of his duties last fall.

Jamarcus Russell throwing football

While the exact reason for his exit is unknown, Williamson has confirmed his departure. And a lawsuit is believed to be why.

Court documents note that Russell received a donation of $74,000 from lifelong LSU fan Chris Knowles for the school but cashed the check himself. WKRG Sports reports the school didn’t receive a single penny from the aforementioned sum.

“Knowles, a lifelong LSU fan, says Russell approached him in the summer of 2022 about making a donation to help Williamson football purchase weight-room equipment,” a report from the publication reads. “After writing the $74,000 check out to Russell, Knowles said he later stopped payment on the check when Russell wouldn’t provide a receipt of the donation and quit returning his phone calls.”

Jamarcus Russell Is Being Taken To Task By A Financial Firm

This is obviously not a great look for Jamarcus Russell. But the school didn’t offer any criticism when confirming his firing.

“JaMarcus Russell was relieved of his volunteer coaching duties at Williamson High School during the fall of last year,” they told said source

Russell is being sued by Navigator Credit Union, where he cashed the check, and is scheduled to appear in court in October.

Donald Briskman, his attorney, hadn’t commented at the time of writing.

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