Fox Sports star Erin Andrews speaks out on ‘dreamy’ Tom Brady joining NFL coverage team

Erin Andrews has consistently expressed her admiration for Tom Brady personally and professionally.

Erin Andrews called Tom Brady "dreamy" on Jimmy Fallon

Her latest comments on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” highlighted her appreciation for the seven-time Super Bowl winner’s physical appearance. The esteemed sportscaster graced the show alongside her FOX Sports colleague Charissa Thompson.

As they sat elegantly on Fallon’s iconic blue guest couches, Andrews shared her unique perspective on Brady’s upcoming role as a football analyst for Fox next season, a transition that has piqued the interest of sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Andrews was visibly flustered and giddy about Brady, telling Fallon: “We’ve actually talked to him in person. He’s so dreamy. And I can say that because we’re friends with him and also co-workers.”

She also referred to Fallon as “handsome” during the nine-minute interview, using her trademark charm that fans of her “Calm Down” podcast with Erin and Charissa have become accustomed to. Her appreciation for Brady didn’t stop there; she continued to discuss the former Patriots QB and any concerns about him assuming his new role at a high level.

“Everybody’s worried about the commentating. I’m just like, ‘The guy’s skin’. I have to deal with this. Him being on my crew, I think’ll he’ll be great,” she added.

Thompson chimed in, noting that Brady excels at everything he does, and questioned why his move to analyst work would be doubted, given his impressive NFL pedigree. Fallon then shared an anecdote about Brady, recalling an instance where Brady mathematically figured out that a basketball game would be over by the third quarter.

Tom Brady admitted to not liking his family's depiction during his Netflix roast
Tom Brady admitted to not liking his family’s depiction during his Netflix roast
The late-night host also referred to Brady as a “genius” and humorously remarked that it might be challenging to watch sports with him, given his ability to predict how a game will play out before it happens. Brady’s transition from the field to the broadcasting booth has generated a range of opinions and concerns. Some football fans doubt the field general’s ability to be an engaging commentator like Tony Romo or Al Michaels.

Critics argue online that Brady’s personality may not be suited for the role, suggesting that he does not show his true self to the public and that only glimpses of it were seen during his Netflix roast. Football fans believe Brady hides his true self outside the live-streamed program to maintain his more accepted persona as a family man and father.

After the Netflix roast, Brady even admitted that while he had fun throughout the night, he wouldn’t have followed through in retrospect due to the potential optics perceived by his children. “I loved when the jokes were about me. I thought they were so fun. I didn’t like how it affected my kids,” Brady confessed. He continued, “It’s the bittersweet aspect of, when you do something you think is one way, and all of a sudden you realise ‘I wouldn’t do that again’ because of how it affected [my family].”

He added: “It makes you, in some ways, a better parent going through it because sometimes we’re naive or don’t know, and when I signed up for that, I loved it when people were making fun of me.”

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