Jason Whitlock Had Some Very Harsh Words For Bengals QB Joe Burrow After His Modeling Stint At Paris Fashion Show

Jason Whitlock was a solid NFL player and now hosts a podcast many fans enjoy. One of his favorite things to do on the podcast is throw some drama around in the NFL, and he has achieved his goal recently.

Cincinnati Bengals star signal caller Joe Burrow is considered by many NFL fans to be one of the better-looking players in the league. He has recently used his status to his advantage by modeling in the Vogue World Paris fashion show along with Minnesota Vikings star Justin Jefferson.

Jason Whitlock on his show and Joe Burrow walking at fashion show.

If you’re wondering what Whitlock thought of the Bengals star’s appearance in the fashion show, you don’t have to be a genius to see that he wasn’t too happy with how the quarterback was styled, wearing a backless suit.

On his show Fearless, Whitlock criticized the Pro Bowl quarterback for deciding to participate in the Paris fashion show. He pointed out that Burrow should have said no and “stayed in his lane.” He also criticized the signal caller for pushing the “sexual identity.”

Joe Burrow Should Have “Stayed In His Lane” According To Jason Whitlock

Whitlock has done a lot of criticizing on his show, as he has also criticized the WNBA for apparently moving away from superstar Britney Griner due to the league becoming “more feminine,” and it seems Whitlock may continue to have a more traditional viewpoint.

While Whitlock may be bothered by Burrow’s participation in the fashion show, it doesn’t seem to be affecting the NFL Star. He was on pace for a solid season last year before suffering a wrist injury later in 2023.

Burrow may be doing some side quests at the moment, but if one thing is for sure, he is once again slated to be one of the best NFL quarterbacks in 2024, as some have the Cincinnati Bengals as the favorite to compete in Super Bowl 59.

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