Jennifer Garner is reportedly ‘done’ counseling Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s marriage

Jennifer Garner is reportedly “done” helping Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez repair their relationship. Sources claim that Garner, who’s been a source of support for Affleck over the past couple of weeks, has chosen to remove herself from a situation that has been “painful” for her.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck attend the Los Angeles premiere of Warner Bros. "The Flash" at Ovation Hollywood on June 12, 2023 in Hollywood, California.

Lopez and Affleck have been facing difficult times over the past few months

“Jen eventually got to a place where she was like, ‘Sorry, figure this out yourself,’” said a source to The Daily Mail. The source suggested that the conflict between Lopez and Affleck was triggering for Garner “It was beginning to become too painful for her because it was bringing back so many memories of their divorce,” they continued.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

The insider revealed that, back when Garner and Affleck were married, she had complicated feelings regarding Affleck and Lopez’s relationship.  “Throughout their marriage there were times when Jen felt like she was second to JLo even though there was no communication between her and Ben for years,” said the source. “She was surprised at how public he became when they reunited because he was always a man who wanted to be out of the spotlight when they were married.”

Despite this, Garner and Lopez had developed a positive relationship and friendship, prioritizing the happiness of their children. “She cares about JLo and cares about their kids and how it will affect all of them,” said the source. “But in the end, it is not Jen’s circus, not Jen’s monkeys and she is done playing marriage counselor to her ex-husband and his wife.”

Jennifer Garner at Paris Fashion Week

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Jennifer Garner at Paris Fashion Week

Affleck and Lopez’s relationship over the past months

Affleck and Lopez’s relationship has been under media speculation for years. The two haven’t addressed the issues publicly, but they have been reportedly living apart for months. They recently listed art pieces from their home on sale. Before that, they listed their 65$ million home on the market.

Despite the state of their marriage, Lopez and Affleck are still in contact and have multiple business dealings in development. Lopez is set to star in two films produced by Affleck and Matt Damon’s production company, Artists Equity.

For the time being, Affleck has been working in the US and staying busy. In the case of Lopez, a couple of weeks ago she was in Europe, where she attended some Paris Fashion Week events.

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