Jennifer Garner Pens Sweet Note to Her Kids’ Teachers After 13 Years Together: ‘Thank You for Doing What You Do’

The actress’ daughter Violet is graduating high school this year and is set to go off to college in the fall

Jennifer Garner at the 8th Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards held at The Beverly Hills Hotel

Jennifer Garner is taking a minute to thank her kids’ educators as she wraps up their elementary school years.

In a sweet post on her Instagram on Thursday, June 13, the actress and mom of three penned a note to her kids’ school teachers, thanking them for the huge part they had to play in raising her kids. Garner shared screenshots of a note written on her phone, beginning by thanking teachers for “caring about my children with me.”

“Thank you for disciplining my kids when they’ve needed it and for offering more hugs than some children receive in a lifetime. Thank you for all of the hard work that goes into having high expectations, for buckling down and teaching them the discomfort and joy of tolerating frustration toward a greater good,” Garner continued.

She went on to thank them for “being a safe haven for my family” and allowing her three kids — Violet, 18, Samuel, 12, and Seraphina, 15, whom she shares with ex Ben Affleck, 51 — to have a “safe space where they could focus on the business of being little, and where education and character were prioritized.”

Garner thanked teachers for dressing on theme for Halloween, choosing books and science projects, traveling with students and working on art projects.

“Thank you for a beautiful thirteen years. I cannot imagine our family landing anywhere better,” Garner ended the note.

In her caption, Garner reiterated many of the same feelings as she reflected on this new transition for her family.

“A little gratitude for our wonderful family elementary school at the end of 13 years together applies to all educators: thank you for doing what you do. ♥️,” she wrote. “And congratulations to all the mamas out there with kids moving from one phase to the next. ♥️♥️.”

In May, the actress posted a series of photos on Instagram of herself crying while attending daughter Violet’s Class of 2024 pre-graduation sendoff ceremony.

“Tell me you have a graduate without telling me you have a graduate. 🎓 (bless our hearts 🥺♥️🤣),” Garner wrote of Violet in the caption.

In the first photo shared, a teary Garner clapped as she stood in a hall full of proud parents during the school ceremony. She appeared to wipe tears from her face in the next snap as she stood outside while wearing a lanyard printed with her name.

Garner was also crying while sitting on a plane as she said in one clip, “How are we going to make it? What are we going to do?” She then lifted her glasses and wiped away more tears with a tissue.

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