Jennifer Garner wants out of ‘circus,’ memories of own divorce from Ben Affleck ‘too painful’

Grappling with painful memories of her own, Jennifer Garner is over being a “marriage counselor” to her ex-husband and Jennifer Lopez, and wants out of the “circus.”

An insider shared that Garner, 52, has been very supportive of Ben Affleck, 51, and recently helped him move from the home he shared with Lopez. But it’s all become “too painful” for the actor, who finally told her ex: “figure this out for yourself.”

Keep reading to learn why Garner is removing herself from the drama between Affleck and JLo!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, 54, have been a hot topic for months with persistent rumors of divorce circulating.

These speculations gained momentum when the couple listed their Beverly Hills mansion for sale in early June, asking $65 million, which is $4 million more than what they paid.

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The couple – who famously rekindled their romance and married in July 2022 – shared the home since June 2023.

Recently, reports surfaced that Garner and the Good Will Hunting star – married 2005 to 2018 – were seen together, moving his belongings out of the mansion he shared with Lopez and into the Brentwood rental, which he pays $100,000/month to live.

The celebrity exes, who share three children together – Violet, 18, Finn (formerly Seraphina), 15, and Samuel, 12 – were married from 2005 until their divorce was finalized in 2018.

Garner is ‘Gone Girl’

The star of 13 Going on 30 is said to have been a supportive figure and counselor to Affleck and Lopez amidst rumors of strain in their two-year marriage.

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However, sources suggest the situation between Affleck and JLo is bringing up “painful” memories for Garner’s own broken marriage to the Academy Award-winning actor and filmmaker.

The Elektra star is now opting to remove herself completely from the situation.

“Jen eventually got to a place where she was like, ‘Sorry, figure this out yourself,’” the anonymous source tells Daily Mail. “It was beginning to become too painful for her because it was bringing back so many memories of their divorce.”

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And despite her tight connection with the “On the Floor” singer, Garner, who “cares about JLo” and how the reported split “will affect” the children, is prioritizing her own well-being.

“Throughout their marriage there were times when Jen felt like she was second to JLo even though there was no communication between her and Ben for years,” the tipster says. “She was surprised at how public he became when [Affleck and Lopez] reunited because he was always a man who wanted to be out of the spotlight when they were married.”

‘Makes no sense’

According to earlier reports, Garner’s partner John Miller, 46, is also done with Garner trying to ‘fix’ Affleck’s marriage.

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“Of course it bothers John that Jen is so hyper focused on her ex-husband,’ a source told the Daily Mail on June 14. “He cares deeply for Ben and sympathizes with what he is going through with Jennifer, but that doesn’t mean Jen should be the one to fix her ex-husband’s issues with his current wife. That makes no sense to anyone.”

‘Had enough’

Lopez recently returned to the United States after a solo trip to Italy, which allowed her to temporarily escape the intense public scrutiny surrounding her relationship with Affleck and the state of their marriage.

On June 24, the star made an appearance at Paris Fashion Week, and later she and her 13-year-old daughter Emme – the twin sister of brother Max who Lopez shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony – enjoyed some sightseeing.

“[Lopez] has had enough and she really tried but she can do no more, it’s not getting any better, it’s worse,” a music insider says, adding the Marry Me star is “sad” about the end of her marriage, but “trying to make the best of it.”

Meanwhile Garner is also calling it quits on consoling and counseling her ex.

“In the end, it is not Jen’s circus, not Jen’s monkeys and she is done playing marriage counselor to her ex-husband and his wife,” an insider adds.

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