Jennifer Garner’s raw honesty amid Ben Affleck – Jennifer Lopez drama understood by parents everywhere

Whether she likes it or not, Jennifer Garner has found herself squarely in the middle of the controversy enveloping her ex-husband Ben Affleck and his current wife Jennifer LopezGarner and Affleck spent time together on Father’s Day, reinforcing the friendship that the two share, half a decade after their divorce became final.

Jennifer Garner's raw honesty amid Ben Affleck - Jennifer Lopez drama understood by parents everywhere

Garner and Affleck also share three children, including 18-year-old Violet. Her recent high school graduation proved to be an emotional time for Garner, as she revealed in a new interview that resonated with parents everywhere.

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Garner: I was a wreck before my daughter’s graduation

Last month, Garner took to Instagram and shared a collage of photos in which she is either teary-eyed or clearly overcome by emotion. Now, fans of the former “Alias” star understand why.

In an interview on Monday’s episode of “Today with Hoda and Jenna” on NBC, Garner admitted that the month leading up to Violet’s high school graduation sent her riding up and down on an emotional rollercoaster. Garner said she “cried constantly” as the inevitable approached.

“Every awards ceremony, every final, everything, I just cried and cried at everything,” she said.

Flanked by her mother Pat, Garner said that graduation itself was a happy occasion, the catharsis bringing an end to a “month of crying.”

“The day of (graduation) was so happy that there was nothing to be other than just so proud and happy,” Garner said of Violet’s accomplishment.

Meanwhile, Affleck had dinner with Violet in Los Angeles on Saturday — without his wedding ring, the latest indication that a divorce from Lopez is becoming more and more likely. How that would affect Violet and her biological parents remains to be seen.

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