JLO and Ben Affleck Getting Divorced

Stop the virtual presses: the JLo and Ben Affleck divorce rumor is heating up again.

Earlier on May 15th, In Touch alleged that JLo and Ben are not only headed for divorce but he’s “already moved out.” There are many sides to this story, including insider gossip that JLo is “falling apart” and Ben has become completely “unhinged.”

In Touch claimed that their “exclusive source” knows the real truth. According to the source, “the writing is on the wall” for JLo and Ben, and their marriage is effectively “over.”

JLo’s Brusque Behavior at the Met Gala

Shockingly, the source alleged that Ben is not to blame for this new split rumor “for once.” Is JLo really “falling apart?” Sources claim that her recent diva behavior at the Met Gala and “horrible” ticket sales for her concert tour are turning JLo into a “complete b**ch.”

Page Six published “exclusive details” on May 9th, and the outlet claimed that JLo came under “a barrage of criticism for her seemingly brusque behavior” at the Met Gala.

When USA Today reporter Anika Reed simply asked JLo what designer she was wearing, she barked out the designer’s name and quickly broke “eye contact” with Anika.

Ben Affleck ‘Decided to Call It Quits’ With JLo

Another telltale sign of trouble in JLo and Ben’s paradise is that Ben was a no-show at the Met Gala. If there had been any year that Ben should have been by his wife’s side, it would have been this year’s Met Gala since JLo held an important position as the event’s co-chair.

In Touch reported that Ben gave an “official excuse” for being MIA at the Met Gala. According to In Touch, Ben claimed he was “busy filming The Accountant 2,” but their exclusive source says Ben already “decided to call it quits” on his marriage to JLo.

Why Sources Are Throwing Shade at JLo

Multiple sources, like Page Six, are throwing shade at JLo right now, but In Touch’s source sadly revealed another alleged reason why their marriage is on the rocks.

The source claimed that Ben and JLo will “never stop loving each other, but she can’t control him, and he can’t change her.” This is why the source thinks “there’s no way” that their marriage could have lasted.

They may have a point about JLo being unable to “control” Ben, and if you need any further proof, Fox News has it.

JLo Said, ‘We’re Trying to Learn to Compromise’

According to Fox News, Ben “skipped” the Met Gala after he presented at the Netflix comedy roast of Tom Brady, and Ben’s “unhinged” rant went viral in the worst way possible.

Fox News wrote that Ben “spent nearly six minutes of his time at the mic criticizing the retired football quarterback’s fans.” His rant didn’t make any sense, and it’s been poorly received.

But another thing that’s been mocked is JLo’s super-dramatic and self-serving documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, which has also been poorly received and could be another reason why she’s allegedly falling apart.

JLo has admitted that she and Ben handle the spotlight differently, although she alleged in her documentary, “We’re trying to learn to compromise.” If this new split rumor is the real truth, JLo and Ben might not have compromised enough.

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