Let’s Meet The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Who’s Going Viral For Doing Things With Her Body That Most People Can’t Do

Claire Wolford, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, is a shining star in the NFL, having captured the hearts of millions both on and off the field. The Lincoln, Nebraska native who became a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader years ago became a social media star, making thousands of fans with the things she would post.

As a veteran cheerleader, Claire Wolford would become a symbol of excellence.

Claire Wolford smiling for the camera with a PGA hat and Claire posing while in her cheerleading gear.

She recently went insanely viral after she posted an insane picture that showed off how incredibly flexible she was. In it, she perfectly held one leg up in the air without touching it with her hands.

For the past three seasons, Wolford has been with the team during some of their more good years, as the team has won 12 games each year and headed to the playoffs. Unfortunately, she and the rest of the cheerleaders have never gotten the chance to show off what they got past the second round.

Just last year, the team won the NFC East crown but failed badly in the Wild Card round, losing to the Green Bay Packers at AT&T Stadium. The team was the only home team to lose a game that weekend.

Veteran Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Claire Wolford Announce Her Retirement

Claire Wolford (Photo via Claire Wolford/Instagram)

The Dallas Cowboys will hit the field for the 2024 season without a seasoned veteran.

Veteran Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Claire Wolford is not scheduled to be back as she announced her retirement in May.

Wolford posted a highlight clip on her Instagram of her greatest moments in life, which included moments with the other cheerleaders, competitions, and putting in the work at practice.

Wolford had been a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders since the 2020 season.

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