Matthew Stafford Might be on Par With Tom Brady; Texans QB CJ Stroud’s Startling Take

CJ Stroud is the name on everyone’s lips these days, and it’s no wonder why. After setting the league ablaze with his electrifying rookie campaign for the Houston Texans, this young QB has more than earned the right to speak his mind and let his voice be heard. However, his recent take involving Matthew Stafford and Tom Brady has left the football world utterly perplexed.

During an appearance on the “Million Dollaz Worth Of Game” podcast, Stroud dropped a bombshell suggestion that in terms of pure talent, Matthew Stafford might be on par with none other than Tom Brady among the top-tier quarterbacks the league has ever seen.

His bold claim left hosts Gillie Da King and Wallo267 slack-jawed, prompting Stroud to double down on his praise for the Los Angeles Rams signal-caller.

Stafford a dawg, man!” Stroud exclaimed, his eyes alight with admiration. “He will beat you with the same thing every time. All that no lick stuff, I got that from bruh. That’s one of my big, like, I’m a fan of his.”

It’s clear that Stroud views Stafford as one of the league’s elite talents, an assessment that, while bold, isn’t entirely outlandish given the Rams QB’s impressive resume. “If I go to L.A., I’ll be trying to find bro. Like, we got the same trainers, I’ll be trying to go where they’re working out and just watch,” Stroud added, revealing his desire to soak up knowledge from a player he clearly holds in high regard.

While Stroud’s rookie season was undoubtedly impressive, his lofty praise for Stafford – placing him in the same rarefied air as legends like Brady and Patrick Mahomes – has ignited a fiery debate within the football world. Is the young gun simply showing respect to a seasoned vet, or has he gone too far in his assessment of Stafford’s talents?

CJ Stroud’s Opinion on Aaron Rodgers’ Career Was Also Quite Baffling

When it comes to the Aaron Rodgers vs Eli Manning debate, the stats might seem to tell one story, but rising NFL star C.J. Stroud is here to flip the script.

Sure, Rodgers has the gaudy numbers – more All-Pro selections, Pro Bowl nods, touchdown passes, and overall wins than you can shake a stick at. With a career like that, the Packers legend is a shoo-in for first-ballot Hall of Fame induction. But CJ Stroud isn’t getting caught up in the stat-padding hype.

While continuing the conversation on the “Million Dollaz Worth Of Game” podcast, Stroud dropped a truth bomb that’s sure to set the football world ablaze: “You want the rings. Eli got two.”

​With those six simple words, Stroud deftly dismantled the notion that individual accolades are the be-all and end-all in the NFL. Because at the end of the day, it’s those shiny Super Bowl rings that separate the legendary from the merely great.

And while Manning’s career numbers might not jump off the page – a pedestrian 117-117 record, zero MVPs or All-Pro nods, and a passer rating that would make Rodgers wince – the man has not one, but two of those coveted championship rings, both earned by taking down Rodgers’ Packers en route to glory.

It’s definitely a rallying cry that will add some extra spice to the Texans’ Halloween night matchup against the Jets in Week 9. With the young gunslinger leading the charge, you can bet Houston will be looking to treat their opponents to a nightmare.

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