NBA Legend Karl Malone Reportedly Claims To Have Finally Made Peace With His Former NFLer Son After Impregnating His 13-Year-Old Mother As A 20-Year-Old

NBA legend Karl Malone has again come under fire for his scandalous past following an online rumor claiming he has finally made peace with his son.

Karl Malone and Demetrius Bell

It’s been widely known that the former Utah Jazz star had a son with a 13-year-old while he was a fully grown adult, though he never dealt with any consequences.

Malone, now 60, had a son conceived with a 13-year-old Gloria Bell when he was 20. He refused to acknowledge or support him, only meeting him once before they agreed to work on their relationship in 2014.

The son, Demetress Bell, went by the name Demetrius until finding out it was actually spelled “Demetress” in 2012. He was also a basketball player and went to play for Northwestern State College on a scholarship but opted to focus on football, leading to a five-year career in the NFL.

Karl Malone Reportedly Announces Major Step In Relationship With His Son

According to a social media claim from Facebook user Vance Michael Collins, Malone recently revealed having made peace with Bell.

“NBA great Karl Malone states he has finally made peace with the son he conceived at age 22 with a 13 year old girl, Gloria Bell!!!” the post reads.

“Malone initially denied paternity fearing imprisonment and REFUSED to pay $125 a week in child support despite earning a total $101,723,378 throughout his NBA career! He eventually settled with the family out of court and a DNA test did in fact reveal Malone to be the father of Buffalo Bills player, Demetrius Bell. Malone now publicly acknowledges Bell as his son.”

Although Malone’s statement has yet to be confirmed, it has led to plenty of online criticism for The Mailman.

“I didn’t handle it right; I was wrong,” he said of his relationships with his children in 2018, having also denied fathering twins who were determined to be his. “Father Time is the biggest thief that’s out there, and you can’t get that back.”

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