New Lawsuit Exposes NFL For “Artificially” Jacking Up ‘Sunday Ticket’ Prices And Making Fans Pay Tons Of Extra Money For Games

The NFL is facing a lawsuit that has exposed it for turning down multiple opportunities to make ‘Sunday Ticket’ more affordable and accessible to fans. 

The league is currently fighting a suit that, if it loses, could result in a payout of up to $21 billion.

Roger Goodell speaking into mic

According to Courthouse News Service, the suit states that “exclusive packaging of teams’ out-of-market rights in NFL Sunday Ticket violates U.S. antitrust law and creates artificially high prices.”

As we know, streaming giants YouTube secured the rights for ‘Sunday Ticket’ and ‘RedZone’ before the start of last season following the expiration of DirecTV’s longstanding contract.

YouTube was just one among several companies vying to get the service.

Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, confirmed in court that the NFL was against a non-exclusive ‘Sunday Ticket’ deal because a low-price bundle would decrease the value of TV rights deals. His argument that FOX and CBS would not want to pay what they currently do for NFL games has merit.

There’s more, though.

The NFL Wanted To Keep ‘Sunday Ticket’ As A “Premium Offering”

Apple and ESPN made offers that would have seen the subscription price drop significantly, with Apple pointing out that it could bring 15 million to 20 million new subscribers.

“We’re not looking to get lots of people,” Kraft said in his deposition. “We want to keep it as a premium offering.”

An email shown in court revealed that ESPN made a proposal to the league that would have seen ‘Sunday Ticket’ offered to fans at just $70 a season with the option of buying a one-team package.

The league rejected the proposal, opting to go with YouTube, which charges $349 a season on top of the YouTube TV streaming service.

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