New Video Confirms Lamar Jackson Has Definitely Gotten A Lot Smaller Following His Wild Weight Loss Claims, And Ravens Fans Should Be Concerned

Lamar Jackson was not joking about losing weight this offseason.

The Baltimore Ravens quarterback is coming off an MVP-winning season in which he led his team to within one game of the Super Bowl and hopes to go all the way next term.

Lamar Jackson at Ravens OTAs

Jackson has started OTAs with the Ravens ahead of a campaign in which he will make another attempt to win his first ring. The team shared a video of him excitedly getting onto the practice field, and folks quickly noticed how much slimmer he’s gotten.

Check him out in the clip below:

Fans probably brushed it off after the quarterback claimed he had gotten 10 pounds lighter.

“Most definitely. I was 230 two years ago,” he told Complex Sports. “I was 215 last season, but now I’m like 205.”

Well, he wasn’t lying…

Lamar Jackson’s Own Teammate Couldn’t Recognize Him

Jackson’s teammate Isaiah Likely appeared on Kay Adams’ Up & Adams podcast earlier this month and confirmed Jackson was alot slimmer, so much so that he could not recognize him at first.

“I seen ‘L,’ he was back throwing and I’m walking, I’m looking and I’m like, ‘who is that?’ And he runs over to me and I’m like, ‘man, ain’t no way. What you ain’t been eating, ‘L’?’ And he’s like, ‘man, I’m good now. I’m back, running high ‘L,’’” Likely said (H/T Baltimore Beatdown).

“I’m just going to say it. If you all thought ‘L’ was fast before, thought ‘L’ couldn’t get caught before. Man. I’m telling you. I don’t know if unanimous is going to be the word this year. That’s all I’m going to say.”

The two-time MVP ended last season with 3.678 passing yards, 821 rushing yards, and 29 total touchdowns.

It appears he’s going to be even more formidable in 2024.

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