NFL Fans Are Losing Their Minds After Photo Leaks Of Bill Belichick Posing With His 24-Year-Old Girlfriend During Their First Encounter

Former New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick has been the talk of social media as he is reportedly dating ex-college cheerleader Jordon Hudson following his split from longtime girlfriend Linda Holliday.

TMZ was the first to report about the rumored relationship.

Jordon Hudson, a 24-year-old former competitive cheerleader, just so happened to be on the same flight as Belichick in 2021. TMZ even published a photo of the supposed autograph he signed for Hudson upon their first meeting – inside her textbook titled, Deductive Logic.

“Jordan, Thanks for giving me a course in logic! Safe travels!” the message read.

TMZ further added that they exchanged numbers and have remained in contact over the years.

Before they departed, the two would pose for a picture which has now been published.

NFL fans took to the comments and quotes and had various reactions to the picture:

Prior to Belichick’s new relationship, Page Six revealed the former head coach split up with Linda Holliday, whom he had been seeing since 2007.

Rob Gronkowski Hinted at Bill Belichick Dating 24-year-old at Tom Brady’s Roast

A joke Rob Gronkowski delivered at the roast of Tom Brady about Bill Belichick’s new relationship went largely unnoticed because everybody just assumed that the former tight end was just playing around.

While on stage, Gronkowski recalled times when Belichick compared the Patriots to football players at a local school.

“Coach, you used to talk about Foxborough High School when we sucked,” Gronkowski said. “But now I know why you were so obsessed with Foxborough High School: you were scouting your new girlfriend.”

It appears that Gronk was already well aware that Belichick was in a relationship with Hudson.

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