Nikki Glaser Reveals Shocking Effect That The Tom Brady Roast Has Had On Her Career

Nikki Glaser has revealed that her performance during Netflix’s roast of Tom Brady has done wonders for her career.

Many thought the comedian was the funniest roaster on the night after she torched Brady and other members of the star-studded cast who showed up to last Sunday’s event.

Photos of Nikki Glaser and Tom Brady posing for Netflix special

Glaser has been a comedian for over two decades and hosted her own show on Comedy Central. However, her appearance at said roast still managed to take her career to new heights, which is what she intimated to Chris Murphy in an interview for Vanity Fair.

The 39-year-old compared the roast’s impact to getting slapped by Will Smith.

“I ascended in my career more than I ever have, overnight,” she said. “It just doesn’t happen today with how oversaturated the content is—that all eyes are on something like this. Outside of Will Smith slapping me, I don’t think I’ll get this much attention as a comedian in my life.”

The Tom Brady Roast Came At The Perfect Time For Nikki Glaser

Nikki Glaser, who claimed to have received texts as if someone in her family had died in the wake of her bit, also joked about receiving attention from the seven-time Super Bowl winner and finally getting to experience the way Taylor Swift feels on a bad day.

“Tom Brady knows my name now,” she added. “In his joke, he didn’t say it fully, but he said ‘Glaser.’ He said it right. I will never get this much attention until I die. I have an inkling of what it feels like to be Taylor Swift on a really slow day for her.

“I knew it would be a big deal, but it feels good, because I worked really, really hard,” she continued. “It felt like, Okay, I did an A-plus. Like I got back my test and it’s hanging on the refrigerator for a couple days.”

The roast’s timing was also perfect for the comedian, who had a new special named ‘Someday You’ll Die’ premier on Max this past Saturday.

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