Patrick Mahomes Is Now Being Linked To The Most Unlikely Job Once He Retires From The NFL

Patrick Mahomes is currently considered one of, if not the best, quarterbacks presently calling the shots in the NFL, and there is essentially no way for any fan to argue otherwise, as the Chiefs have won the last two Super Bowl championships.

With all his success coming so quickly in the NFL, the 28-year-old gunslinger will surely make millions, if not billions, of dollars in the league throughout his career, but even then, he may still want to fill his time after retirement.

Patrick Mahomes at the White House

As mentioned, Patrick has led the Chiefs to a Super Bowl championship three times in the last four seasons. And each time, the Chiefs were invited to the White House for an annual tradition where the winning team meets the President.

According to Harold R. Kuntz of Fox4kc, the five-time Pro Bowl champion has become somewhat of a tour guide on these visits, which makes sense given that he’s been there four times already and the quarterback is apparently showing some enthusiasm.

Could Patrick Mahomes Become A White House Tour Guide?

Obviously, it was suggested that the current face of the NFL could indeed become a White House Tour guide after he said that he felt like he was showing the team around during their trip to the president’s home.

Even if this is the case, the quarterback could still realistically play the sport he loves for another ten years, if not more. And odds are if he goes as long as fans think he might, he will no doubt leave the league as the GOAT.

Who knows what he could do if Mahomes chooses not to become a tour guide? Maybe the Super Bowl MVP could become the President himself? There are no limits to what Patrick Mahomes can do after he retires.

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