PHOTOS: Jay Cutler’s Ex-Wife Kristin Cavallari Is Dropping Jaws In Her Revealing Workout Clothes As She Poses With Much Younger Boyfriend

Kristin Cavallari is still going strong in her new relationship and making sure she keeps her body in shape for the new man in her life.

Cavallari, founder of Uncommon James and former star of Laguna Beach, is going insanely viral for posting several pictures to her Instagram. One of them shows her rocking a revealing gray workout outfit as she poses next to her boyfriend, Mark Estes.

Kristin Cavallari posing in white outfit

The two appeared to be enjoying a fun-filled trip to beautiful Montana that included hiking, being on a boat, heading to Yellowstone National Park, spotting bears and buffalo, and just hanging out with each other as they continued to grow with each other.

The Laguna Beach alum revealed her relationship with boyfriend Mark Estes in February 2024, and she was not afraid of the backlash she would receive due to their age difference.

She even spoke about him on her podcast.

“It was a little early to hard launch someone. One hundred percent,” Cavallari later admitted on her podcast, Let’s Be Honest. “However, I feel very different with this man.”

Cavallari told US Magazine in September 2023 that she would consider getting married again after her first one ended in divorce, saying, “I still very much believe in marriage and love,” she said in her cover story. “I was just really young when I met my ex. So, yeah. I’m open to it — even after all these horrible dates!”

Kristin Cavallari Was Previously Married To Former NFL QB Jay Cutler

Kristin Cavallari (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for 21Seeds Infused Tequila)

Cavallari had a previous long marriage with former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, producing three children, Camden, Jaxon, and Saylor.

She and Cutler married in 2013 and announced their divorce in 2020.

Despite their union coming to an end, Cavallari stated during an episode of Dear Media’s “Let’s Be Honest With Kristin Cavallari” podcast that she did not regret being married to him.

“No, I don’t because as cliche as it is, I really think everything I’ve gone through has made me who I am,” Cavallari said. “And I mean, getting married, obviously, it got me my three kids, but it got me to Franklin, Tennessee. It ultimately led me to launch Uncommon James because I was living in Chicago and really needed something to do. And I’m so thankful for that. That’s what I’m the most proud of professionally.”

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