PHOTOS: Zach Wilson’s Girlfriend, Nicolette Dellanno, Shows Off Her Sensational Summer Outfits That Has The QB Calling Her A “Hottie”

Zach Wilson is still enjoying his offseason before he competes to be the Denver Broncos’ starting quarterback.

He and his girlfriend, Nicolette Dellanno, have relocated from New York to Colorado, and it looks like they are loving the sights and sounds.

Zach Wilson's girlfriend, Nicolette Dellanno, posing for the camera.

On Instagram, Dellano posted a ton of content about what she and Zach Wilson have been up to this year, including chilling by the lake with friends, eating with friends outside, walking a trail, and looking at the gorgeous mountains in the area.

Aside from the beauty the state has to offer, Nicolette Dellanno also showcased her many outfits.

For Zach Wilson, in the meantime, he will compete with Jarrett Stidham and Bo Nix, the Broncos’ No. 12 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, to see who will be the man for the 2024 season.

Wilson, the BYU product and the former No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, is trying to revamp his career after he failed miserably with the New York Jets.

Zach Wilson’s Previous Relationship Ends After Rumors of Sleeping With Mom’s Friend

Sometimes break-ups are cordial, but at other times, they can get quite nasty, as was proven when Zach Wilson’s ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile publicly outed him on social media.

Gile accused Wilson of sleeping with his mom’s best friend. She made that accusation in response to fans sending her hate messages after it was revealed that she was dating a former college teammate of Wilson.

“He was sleeping with his mom’s best friend… that’s the real homie hopper, she said.”

Wilson never really addressed the topic, but his mother made sure to shoot it down.

In the meantime, Wilson and Dellanno’s dating rumors started during mid-summer in 2022, according to the New York Post.

They have been spotted at Yankee Stadium and a New York Mets game as their relationship continues to grow.

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