Rob Gronkowski spiking shot glass brutally injured a girl during Tom Brady’s roast, says Andrew Schulz: “Her whole cheek is red”

The Netflix special, “The Roast of Tom Brady,” was a grand success. The three-and-half-hour show was hosted by Kevin Hart. Among the prominent NFL personalities present were Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Randy Moss, and Drew Bledsoe.

The Tom Brady roast had some hilarious jokes and crazy moments. But there was a particular moment that stood out. After finishing his drink with Brady and Bill Belichick, Rob Gronkowski turned around and spiked the shot glass like he was celebrating a touchdown in the end zone. Fans were stunned and many passed it off as “Gronk doing Gronk things.”

But comedian Andrew Schulz, who was one of the roasters, has a different perspective from the fans watching at home.

Speaking on his podcast, Flagrant, Schulz revealed how Gronk spiking the shot glass brutally injured a girl sitting in the front rows. [from 2:44]

“He took the shot,” Schulz said. “He wasn’t even included in it. The shot was about Tom Brady, Belichick, Bob Kraft. He takes it and he has so much energy he doesn’t know what to do. He slams it.

“All of us are like ‘what the f**k has happened?'”

Schulz continued, explaining the injury to the girl.

“A girl in the front row has like a piece of shotglass like hanging out of her. I’m not talking about a little thing. Her whole cheek is red. She looks like a mime.”

Schulz was the next person scheduled to head to the podium before the injury happened. He praised Kevin Hart, who handled the situation calmly and reset the room before Schulz got on stage.

Rob Gronkowski surprised everyone with his jokes and left no stone unturned

Netflix Is A Joke Festival: G.R.O.A.T The Greatest Roast Of All Time - Tom Brady

Netflix Is A Joke Festival: G.R.O.A.T The Greatest Roast Of All Time – Tom Brady

Rob Gronkowksi is regarded as arguably the greatest tight end of all time. He is known for his dominance on the gridiron, but on Sunday night, he showcased a whole new side of him and took everyone by surprise. He went hard at Brady and everyone present at the roast.

“Tom, you should find some new hobbies, man, like I did. I had a racecourse horse named Gronkowski, I didn’t name it Tom Brady because unlike you it’s good at running.”

Gronk then targeted his former New England Patriots teammate Julian Edelman.

“Everyone kissed Tom’s a**, even I did. It’s fine to admit, but Julian you’re the only one who used tongue.

“His nickname was the squirrel because he loved having Tom Brady’s nuts in his mouth.”

Bill Belichick was the next victim of Gronkowksi’s jokes.

“Bill, you never gave Tom action. But let me tell you did he f*ck you in the end as hard as he could. Rear-ended you from Tampa Bay.”

While all his jokes stood out, the highlight of the night remains him shattering the shot glass.

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