Social Media Detectives Wasted No Time Identifying The Backup QB Who Matthew Stafford’s Wife Hooked Up With

Social media sleuths believe they have identified the former Georgia backup quarterback Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly, cheated on him with while they were in college.

Kelly Stafford recently revealed having hooked up with a backup QB on the Bulldogs roster during the early stage of their relationship so she could get him jealous.

Matthew Stafford and wife Kelly

“At first, I hated him,” she said on the ‘Off the Vine’ podcast. “I loved him (actually). I dated the backup (quarterback at UGA) to piss him off, which worked. He was the bad boy, too. Like, Matthew’s so sweet and Southern gentleman and all that stuff and the backup was the complete opposite. It upset him which it worked thankfully.”

Some things are better left unsaid, but Kelly clearly felt the need to embarrass her husband after stepping out on their relationship during college, as if he wasn’t still trying to forget.

So, Who Was This Quarterback Doing Matthew Stafford Dirty?

Of course, folks were curious and wanted to know who the backup quarterbacking question was.

Joe Cox was the initial suspect.

However, that was quickly debunked as Cox had a girlfriend, who is now his wife and was also friends with Kelly.

Fans are now pointing to Logan Gray, who was the third-string QB behind Matthew Stafford.

“Logan Gray is the unnamed backup qb that Kelly Stafford is referencing having dated at UGA to make Matthew jealous, not Joe Cox,” an X user shared.

“I don’t personally care, but I knew Joe’s wife in college and she’s a great lady. I’ve already seen a few off color tweets about it, so share this info.”

Well, it’s no confirmation. But it will have to do for now.

Kelly Stafford might as well just name the player, given that she had no qualms over telling the story.

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