The “Hawk Tuah Girl” Has Been Identified, And Everyone Is Still Linking Her To One NFL Player

The “Hawk Tuah Girl” has been identified following her viral moment earlier this month. 

The female in question rose to internet fame after YouTubers Tim and Dee posted an interview showing her being interviewed with a friend while on a night out in Nashville, Tennessee.

An almost-normal conversation went wild after she was asked for the one move that always drives a man crazy,

“Oh, you gotta give him that hawk tuah, and spit on that thang! You get me?” she instructed.

Check it out below:

She instantly became known as the “Hawk Tuah Girl.” But it seems the real name of the “Hawk Tuah Girl” is Katie Vickers of Paducah or Hailey Welch of Nashville.

Her viral interview prompted lots of memes and jokes about Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa because, well… his name is Tua.

Not Much Is Known About The “Hawk Tua Girl”

The original video got over eight million views after Tim and Dee posted it to Instagram. It has since been taken down, but not before spreading like wildfire across the internet. They still have it on X/Twitter, anyway.

The Hawk Tua has quickly become a thing, given the traction the video gained. Apart from the Tua Tagovailoa memes and quips, it has spawned loads of other internet fodder.

The web has the ability to take fleeting moments and immortalize them, and the Hawk Tuah fad is one of the latest examples.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing more on Welch. She doesn’t seem to have any social media accounts, but she may have deactivated them after the video went viral.

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