The “Hawk Tuah” Girl May Have Just Revealed Her Favorite NFL Team And Player, And Fans Are Going To Love This

The “Hawk Tuah” Girl may have revealed her favorite NFL team and player, and fans are going to love it.

The "Hawk Tuah" Girl speaking

The 23-year-old, whose real name is Haliey Welch (not Hailey, we’ve been spelling it wrong this whole time), hails from Tennessee. But we aren’t talking about the Titans.

Welch recently posted a photo to her Instagram Story that shows her wearing a Miami Dolphins shirt. It’s not going to be difficult to guess which player’s shirt she was wearing after this.

That’s right… Tua Tagovailoa.

Check it out below:

Haliey Welch IG Story

Haliey Welch IG Story (Photo via hay_welch/IG)

Tua’s name popped up in many jokes and memes after the “Hawk Tuah” clip went viral. And it wasn’t lost on the person who coined the phrase.

Of course, Haliey took the photo as part of a promo for the DAER Nightclub, which is located at the Hard Rock Guitar Hotel near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, so the jersey was appropriate. But who knows? Maybe she is a legit Dolphins fan now.

Things Are Moving Fast For Haliey Welch And “Hawk Tuah”

Things have been moving pretty fast for Haliey Welch since her viral moment.

In the space of a few weeks, she’s left her job, launched a clothing line, sang on stage with Zach Bryan, partied with Shaquille O’Neal, signed representation, and made thousands for appearances.

Her agents are reportedly in talks over a TV deal, which she’s understood to be close to landing.

The internet should not be underestimated…

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