The One Thing John Candy Was Scared of Makes Him the Most Genuine Actor of Hollywood after Robin Williams

Layers of sadness and anger within the late actor John Candy.

Celebrated for his witty remarks and ability to bring laughter to audiences, John Candy passed away 30 years ago after suffering a cardiac arrest. Many industry veterans and actors came together to honor his memory on the 30th anniversary of his passing, as they shared heartfelt tributes, recounting cherished memories and reflecting on his exceptional talent as an actor.

John Candy in Home Alone John Candy in Home Alone

However, beneath his larger-than-life on-screen persona, John Candy was a genuinely sincere individual, who was afraid of letting others down or ending up alone. The vulnerability not only made him relatable but also lent depth and authenticity to his performances, placing him among legendary actors such as Robin Williams.

John Candy’s Anxieties About His Career And Self-Worth

Talking about John Candy, director of the 1993 film Cool Runnings Jon Turteltaub shared that “it’s a bit clichéd that the funny guy might not be the happy guy.” The actor played the role of Irving Blitzer in the 1993 film, and despite his jovial exterior, Turteltaub observed layers of sadness and anger within him.
John Candy in Uncle Buck

John Candy in Uncle Buck
The filmmaker confesses to being starstruck upon his first meeting with Candy. “[I’m] not behaving like a director who’s in charge, [I’m] acting like a child who just met his hero and then went on for weeks,” he said, describing the late actor as the most delightful person he has ever met.

However, despite his outward happiness, Candy harbored deep-rooted anxieties about his career and self-worth. The filmmaker and his co-stars were able to look at the man haunted by the fear of being forgotten and the insecurity of his place in Hollywood beneath his thoughtful gestures.

Turteltaub reflected on the late actor’s concerns surrounding how others perceived him or not being liked. “I know he had fears about his career and how he was perceived by people,” the director said as he explained, “His whole life, John hated not being liked. He was afraid of it on a personal and professional level.”

Cool Runnings (1993)Cool Runnings (1993)
He also shared that the Stripes star hesitated to even turn down an autograph as he did not want to appear as a bad person. Despite his fears and insecurities, Candy’s ability to connect with audiences on a profound level speaks to his authenticity as an actor.

In a world often defined by artifice, John Candy remains a shining example of genuine talent and compassion, standing alongside the likes of Robin Williams, who also struggled with similar issues despite being immensely successful as an actor as one of Hollywood’s truest treasures.

John Candy’s Struggles Behind the Smiles and Laughter

John Candy’s Cool Runnings co-stars Leon Robinson, Rawle D Lewis, and Malik Yoba shared their experience with the actor, praising Candy’s guidance on set and thoughtful gestures such as arranging dinners, making CD mixtapes, and organizing fishing trips. “He was a classy guy,” shared Malik Yoba.
Uncle Ben Uncle Buck
However, they were also able to notice the man behind all these heartfelt gestures, who struggled with personal insecurities. Yoba recalled how the Uncle Buck star has never taken a vacation in his professional career despite being at the peak of his career. He told The Independent,
“That always stuck with me. At that time, he was probably the biggest he had ever been in his life and I recall he had a trainer on set with him and he was really struggling to lose weight—Most people would never imagine that would be the case for the great John Candy – but it was.”
John Candy on the set of Cool RunningsJohn Candy on the set of Cool Runnings
Highlighting Candy’s inner struggles, Yoba revealed Candy’s fear of being forgotten and his insecurity about his place in Hollywood. Despite his outward appearance of confidence, Candy privately grappled with weight issues and self-doubt, as evidenced by his persistent efforts to maintain his physique and seek validation in an industry known for its fickleness.

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