Tom Brady Finally Admits The Refs Rigged One Of The Most Controversial Plays Of His Career That Changed NFL History

Tom Brady has admitted that one of the most controversial plays of his career shouldn’t have gone the way it did. 

Since 2018, the Jacksonville Jaguars and their fans have believed they were cheated out of their first Super Bowl appearance. And Tom Brady, who was on the opposing side in the pertinent game, agrees with them.

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Brady was a guest on ‘The Pivot Podcast’ this week when he shared his thoughts on the Myles Jack forced fumble that has been the subject of debate since it took place over six years ago.

The Jags had been leading the New England Patriots 20-10 with 13:53 left in the fourth quarter of the 2017 AFC Championship Game when the latter made a trick play in an attempt to breach a testy Jacksonville defense.

Brady threw a pass to wide receiver Danny Amendola behind the line of scrimmage; Amendola then threw the ball across the field to running back Dion Lewis, who looked like he was set for some serious yardage, given all of the blockers in front of him.

That’s when Jack stepped up to make a play every linebacker dreams of, making a tackle from behind, forcing a fumble, and recovering it himself.

He got up to run with the ball and appeared to have a clear route to the end zone, given that most of the Patriots were behind him while he had the rest of the defense to block.

A touchdown would have taken the score up to 27-10, assuming the extra point went through, but the whistle was blown early as the officials ruled that Jack was down. While the Jags got possession, they had the opportunity for a score taken away before losing the ball on a three-and-out.

The Pats then went to score on an 85-yard drive and never lost momentum; they took the lead with another TD, with the Jags going on to lose.

The result sparked a “Myles Jack wasn’t down” campaign.

Tom Brady Delivers The Final Verdict

Asked about the ruling by Jaguars legend Fred Taylor, Brady said he didn’t think Jack was down.

“Oh no, I don’t think he was down,” the former quarterback remarked. “Oh god I don’t think we were catching him either.”

Well, that settles it.

Sadly, the Jaguars won’t get to go to a Super Bowl off the admission.

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