Travis Kelce Reveals Heartwarming Reason Behind Building a $3.7 Million Home for Less Privileged Kids

Although it’s unclear who fell in love with whom first, the children of Operation Breakthrough and Travis have a sweet romance that could end up tied in the books. It all began when he went to the building at 30th and Troost in 2016.

Through advocacy, emergency relief, and education, Operation Breakthrough “provides a safe, loving, and educational environment for children in poverty and empowers their families.” In 1971, Sisters Corita Bussanmas and Berta Sailer established the non-profit organization in response to demands from working-class parents in the center city for high-quality child care for their children.

Over the course of the next forty years, it has turned into a ray of hope for the working-class midtown families in the city. The cherished organization offers a wide range of parenting programs, emergency assistance, and early childhood education initiatives.

When Travis visited, it appeared that everyone had checked all but one of the important boxes related to assisting families. Although Operation Breakthrough had been so successful in providing complete care for children, there seemed to be room for improvement in terms of teen support.

At Operation Breakthrough, Travis’ passion for STEM education and at-risk adolescents intersected, and in 2018, his charity, 87 and Running, provided funding for the local First Lego League robotics team. For the program in OB’s new MakerCity, the foundation provided $45,000 to cover supplies and space costs.

Travis recently inked a six-year extension to remain a member of the Chiefs football team, strengthening his orbit around the city. Subsequently, he intensified his determination to pursue the children involved in Operation Breakthrough. After reading books together, going shopping, bonding, and making memories, the already wonderful relationship between the kids and Travis developed into a true commitment.

Acknowledging his own fortunate upbringing, education, and football experiences, the sportsman wanted to ensure that the teenagers at OB had the same chances available to them. I’m acutely conscious of the advantages, exposure, and opportunities I had growing up in comparison to other people. Your ability to dream should not be limited by your place of residence, your upbringing, or the color of your skin. Travis said these things, and they represent his true north.

His sharp and determined desire to assist teenagers gave rise to the concept for Ignition Lab. In order to give teenagers access to a hands-on STEM environment while also fostering the development of industry-recognized skills in design and automotive, green technology, software programming, and other fields, Travis is buying the muffler shop next to Operation Breakthrough.

Ten “Labs” will be devoted to the following areas: tech, fiber arts, automotive/engineering, co-working, multi-media production, electrical, green tech, maker space, additive manufacturing, and food trucks. (Food trucks are awesome!)

Here’s where “smart is cool,” according to the eye-catching brochure from Ignition Lab. The lab will “engage teens in conversations about their individual goals and help them prepare early for post-high school job training programs or college admissions,” thanks to relationships with local non-profits.

For children who have outgrown OB’s MakerCity program, the Labs are a logical next step. For teenagers who might not know where else to turn, this program offers an alternative. A variation of the old adage “teaching a man to fish” is what Travis, 87, and Running are doing.

The youngsters at OB are drawn to Travis Kelce in a magical way. Instead of a well-known athlete, kids see a kind, humorous, and loyal friend who gets down on the floor to read books, dance, respond to their private inquiries, and take them outdoors to play. Travis recounts how the kids built him a Christmas tree out of plastic cups and LED lights one year since he didn’t have time to buy one! Their guiding light is him.

Travis sets an exemplary example for all of us. Play hard, earn the right to party, show loyalty to your town and supporters, and, in the shadows, shine brightly for those who are less fortunate. Put up the effort and financial resources to realize your dreams, but don’t hold back.

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