VIDEO: Cameras Caught The Incredibly Sad Reactions Of Duke Star Kyle Filipowski & His Girlfriend While Leaving The NBA Draft After Going Undrafted

While Wednesday night went well for thirty new draft picks, some were left disappointed. One such player is Duke’s, Kyle Filipowski, who had high hopes of finding his new home in the NBA. Instead, he went back empty-handed.

Kyle Filipowski and his girlfriend hug while leaving the NBA Draft.

The 7-foot offensive center was present in the Barclays Center green room with his nearby ones waiting for his name to be called out. However, in the pool of talented players, Filipowski couldn’t make the spot. This does not mean he has missed the opportunity this year. The 20-year-old might not have made it into the first round, but the second one is still left.

One of the saddest moments from the event shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) was Filipowski hugging his girlfriend. The young athlete looked disheartened by the situation while she tried to console him.

The Blue Devils’ standout put up 16.4 points, 8.3 rebounds and 2.8 assists per game in the 2023-2024 season. Filipowski did display his shooting skills, but that wasn’t enough for the Duke man to enter in a contract with any franchise.

The short video soon circulated on the internet, reaching the NBA community, who didn’t hold back from reacting to his mourning moment.

Social Media Reacts to Kyle Filipowski Footage

As soon as Kyle Filipowski’s video went viral, the fans gathered in the comment section with mixed reactions.

Making fun of Filipowski, one fan wrote, “This dude got cooked by DJ Burns. Idk y he’s surprised that he didn’t go in the first round lol”.

While another gave hope by writing, “That’s tough but there’s always Round 2”.

“Don’t worry bro gon get picked by the lakers”, added a fan.

“He should fire his agent. Don’t go to green room without a guarantee”, claimed someone for the embarrassment Filipowski had to face according to this fan.

One of the comments read, “The hardest thing about this new two day model. He’ll get drafted and hopefully use this as motivation but man it must be a tough ride home.”

Reminding of the star players who were a second-round pick but made their names in the NBA, a fan wrote, “From Middletown, NY Hope he makes it Nikola Jokic was drafted in 2nd round as was Mitchell Robinson”.

Filipowski’s upcoming future in the league will be decided on Thursday in round two where LeBron James’ son Bronny will also appear.

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