Video: Cardi B FARTED, P00PED her pants during a TV performance. She puts her hand down her pants and SMELLS them…

She split her pants we see bent over. That’s her skin you’re seeing. She felt it rip.

A video recorded an embarrassing scene of Cardi B in front of a large television audience.

Cardi B was having fun when the MC introduced her to the audience. She ran out to say hello, wiggled her butt and suddenly f-a-rted.

But looking closely under her pants, the audience discovered that she had p-o-oped in her pants. It’s terrible, I didn’t expect a famous rapper to be unable to control his actions.

After p-o-oping her pants, she sat down on the chair as if nothing had happened.

After this video appeared on social networks, it caused chaos in the online community.

Everyone was surprised by Cardi B’s embarrassing actions.

Below are netizens’ opinions:

– She must have eaten too much Taco Bell last night, lmao!!!

– When she sits., its that ” oh thats shit in my pants” look lolololololol

– That would be so emberesing

Watch full video below:

Watch full video below:

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