VIDEO: Comedian Bert Kreischer Reveals Netflix Deleted Another Wild Scene From Tom Brady’s Roast That Would Have Gone Viral In The Worst Way

Kim Kardashian getting booed wasn’t the only part of the Tom Brady roast edited out by Netflix.

Viewers who watched the event as it happened wouldn’t have missed the reality TV star getting heckled when she took to the stage. However, others who checked in after didn’t get to see it as it got cut by the streaming service.

Comedian Bert Kreischer Reveals Netflix Deleted Another Wild Scene From Tom Brady's Roast

According to comedian and podcast host Bert Kreischer, Netflix also cut out part of the segment in which he was lit up by Sam Jay.

Kreischer was a recent guest on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and discussed Sam roasting him.

“So we get done [with our set], [comedy partner] Tom [Segura] and I are shaking. We did great,” he said. “Sammy Jay is next and she’s like, ‘Yo, Bert. I’m lighting you up. And I’m like, ‘OK, whatever.’ 

“She gave me a heads up. And she did like five minutes on me, just destroying me. And one of the things she said. So, in run-through I had nicotine pouches in a can in my pocket.”

Kreischer said the director told him he couldn’t keep the pouches in his pocket because they were too distracting, so he put them in a small bag.

“And she started calling me a fake party animal. That I don’t even do drugs. I’m not even dead like all the good ones,” he continued. “I just have sex with my wife.

“And I went into my pocket and I pulled out my nicotine patches and I just wiggled them. And [comedian/roaster Andrew] Schulz goes, ‘You got a bag of blow on you?’ And the camera’s on me in the Forum and the Forum goes nuts. 

“They’re like, ‘This dude brought coke!’ Tommy’s like, ‘What?!’ And then the camera goes off me, and I start going [mimics snorting cocaine].”

The 51-year-old added that Segura told him he was going to go viral because everyone would think he’s a “cokehead.”

Fortunately, the bit was edited out.

“But they edited it out, thank god,” Kreischer said. “I didn’t want to have to deal with my daughters. I’ve been saying ‘no pills, no powder’ forever. And then Dad’s rolling in with half an eight ball.”

Bert Kreischer Calls Netflix Editing The Boos Out A “Stupid Move

While he was glad Netflix removed his potentially viral moment, Bert Kreischer thought they should have left Kim Kardashian’s booing in.

“That woman’s a gangster. I’m Team Kim, OK? I’m Team Kim,” he offered. “They booed her top to bottom. I know they edited it out. It was kind of a stupid move.”

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