VIDEO: Matthew Stafford’s Wife Kelly Reveals Why She Slept With His Backup Quarterback

Kelly Stafford, the wife of Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, has revealed she put him through hell in college.

Matthew and Kelly are one of the more popular couples in the NFL, though she’s the outspoken one of the two. And he will probably wish she had kept one of her latest revelations to herself.

Kelly has revealed having stepped out on Matthew during the early stages of their relationship, with someone he knew very well at that.

According to the NFL WAG, she hooked up with the backup quarterback while she was a cheerleader at Georgia to get him jealous. Surprisingly enough, her plan did not backfire.

“At first, I hated him,” she said while discussing her relationship on the ‘Off the Vine’ podcast. “I loved him (actually). I dated the backup (quarterback at UGA) to piss him off, which worked. He was the bad boy, too. Like, Matthew’s so sweet and Southern gentleman and all that stuff and the backup was the complete opposite. It upset him which it worked thankfully.”

Check out the video below…

Well, that is some tactic. Not sure why she felt the need to share it either.

It must have been embarrassing enough in college; why put it out there now?

Matthew Stafford Probably Has The One Backup No One Would Want In His Situation

Fortunately for Matthew Stafford, he was able to maintain enough focus to make it to the NFL despite his partner’s brazen infidelity. For her part, she got the man she wanted, though we can’t even be sure she really did.

Matt and Kelly married in 2015 and have four daughters. Let’s hope none of them ever come across this video when they are older.

By the way, don’t get any ideas, Jimmy Garoppolo…

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