VIDEO: NFL Fans Made All Sorts Of Jokes About Tyreek Hill After He Tried A Donut For The First Time In His Life

Tyreek Hill is one of the best receivers in the NFL and is currently playing with Tua Tagovailoa, Odell Beckham Jr., and the Miami Dolphins. He’s known for his speed, so some call him a cheetah.

Because the 30-year-old receiver is so quick on his feet, it’s probably safe to assume that he eats healthy food and rarely eats anything sweet or has a hefty calorie count, which makes this recent viral video make sense.

Tyreek Hill eats a donut.

In a clip posted to X by NFL insider Dov Kleiman, the speed wide-out can be seen munching down on a donut for what the caption says is the first time. It is a sight to be seen as Hill starts analyzing the sweet treat.

Hill can be seen holding it in an interesting to start the clip while he smells the donut and then takes a bite. He makes a confused face as he first finds it doesn’t taste what he thought it would taste like, but a couple of seconds later, he goes, “That’s good.”

Tyreek Hill Is Making Sacrifices For The NFL

Hill is much more known for his speed and touchdown-scoring abilities, which is why a lot of fans had some much-anticipated fun at the Super Bowl-winning receiver’s expense, and some of the comments show just how many donuts he is missing out on.

One fan quickly pointed out the missed opportunity, commenting that the receiver should have first tried Krispy Kreme. Another fan added that the one Hill tasted “looks disgusting” and that he should get a better one.

Another fan pointed out Hill’s dedication to football and said he has made some sacrifices to play in the NFL, stating, “The things you sacrifice to be in great shape,” and one fan even pointed out that he believes Hill has never had anything with sugar in it.

While the cheetah may be enjoying some sweet treats right now, he will surely slow down when he begins to suit up for the Dolphins this upcoming season as they look to go even deeper in the playoffs after bringing in another Super Bowl-winning receiver.

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