VIDEO: Scott Hanson Catches TikToker “Tampering” With Scene Of Near-Fatal Accident, RedZone Host Says 2 People Could Have Died

Scott Hanson surprisingly showed up in a TikTok video revealing the scene of a wild vehicular accident earlier this week.

Hanson was seen recording the TikToker, who somehow thought it was cool to make a video of himself tampering with the unfortunate scene, even grabbing half of a watermelon from a car that was flipped on its head.

Photo of Scott Hanson smiling and photo of flipped car

The ‘NFL RedZone‘ host has since confirmed he was the one in the clip in which he can be heard shouting, “This guy just pulled out a watermelon from his car!”

“Yes,” he said in response to a fan who asked if it was really him via X/Twitter. 2 ppl could’ve died, & that clown was excited about his Tik Tok. I couldn’t believe it. You know his name/identity? He jetted when the police were pulling up. I video’d him in case what he was doing was illegal – (tampering with the scene of a crime?). So disappointing.”

As to whether Scott Hanson was involved in the accident or was just a witness is unknown, but he didn’t have the look of someone who almost died.

The TikTok user hasn’t been identified and isn’t an influencer of note, given he had less than 900 followers at the time of writing.

The video, captioned “He #mad,” has gotten 2 million views since it was posted two days ago, however.

Fans Praised Scott Hanson For His Actions

Scott Hanson has been lauded for his recording, with just about everyone believing he did the right thing.

“Most trusted man in America for a reason,” a user declared. “Thank you, Scott!”

“Wait, that wasn’t even his watermelon?” another wondered. “I assumed he was in the crash.”

“Scott you are the man holy s**,” added a third.

One fan admitted, “My generation is cooked Scott.”

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