VIDEO: Stephen A Smith Is Getting Destroyed On Social Media After Trying To Food Shame Molly Qerim On Live Television

Stephen A Smith has attracted the ire of fans after making an ill-advised joke about ‘First Take’ co-host Molly Qerim on Tuesday’s show.

Smith and Qerim were discussing Luka Doncic’s ineffectiveness in the NBA Finals with Andraya Carter and Brian Windhorst when Smith decided to try food shaming his co-host, making fun of her eating during commercial breaks.

Stephen A Smith and Molly Qerim on First Take.

“It’s almost the equivalent of asking [Andraya Carter] not to kiss snakes. It’s almost the equivalent of asking [Molly Qerim] not to eat during commercial breaks,” he said. “You can ask Molly to do a lot of different things. Asking her to fast and not eat? That’s going to be a problem for her.” 

Qerim immediately let Smith know that she’s grown and could do whatever she wants whenever she’s not in front of the camera.

“Grown woman. Proud of it,” she shot back. “Not a little girl.”

If you were wondering what Stephen A Smith meant by “kissing snakes,” it’s likely in reference to Andraya owning a pet python.

As you can imagine, fans thought the quip was in poor taste.

Stephen A. Smith Is Making A Habit Of Making Molly Qerim Uncomfortable

Molly Qerim has endured plenty of awkward moments on set with Stephen A Smith, especially lately.

Even Shannon Sharpe has seemingly joined in. The Pro Football Hall of Famer recently tried calling Molly out for not working out.

Fans are beginning to feel like this is too much from Smith and can’t help but wonder whether Molly is bothered by all of this.

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