VIDEO: The Entire Internet Is Going Wild Over Footage Of A Young Patrick Mahomes Coming Up Clutch During The 2010 Junior Baseball World Series

Pretty much everybody and their mother knows who Patrick Mahomes is. Furthermore, if someone knew Patrick Mahomes, they would probably know that the Chiefs quarterback is not only the best at his position in the league but also a world-class athlete.

Some NFL, however, don’t realize that while Mahomes was a first-round NFL Draft pick in 2017, he was also the 37th overall pick in the 2014 MLB Draft by the Detroit Tigers, and he excelled in baseball as well.

A young Patrick Mahomes playing baseball.

Mahomes was a highly enough skilled baseball player to have earned himself a high draft pick, so it should be no surprise that the current face of the NFL took part in the 2010 Junior Baseball World Series.

Recently, an X account named Baseball’s Greatest Moments posted a clip of the Chiefs superstar participating in the 2010 Junior Baseball World Series with his then-baseball club, Southwest Texas, and fans loved it.

Patrick Mahomes Has Had The Clutch Gene Forever

In the clip, Mahomes can be seen at bat hitting a straight line down midfield, allowing one of his teammates to score as the then shortstop runs and claims first base himself. It was a great play, something Mahomes has gotten used to doing in the NFL.

One fan had fun with the expression Mahomes is seen making in the video, posting a picture of the NFL Super Star enjoying the 2024 NBA Finals, in which he is seen making the exact same expression.

One fan also commented, seemingly impressed with the success the Super Bowl-winning quarterback has had since the clip. He pointed out that Mahomes now owns an MLB team, referring to his part ownership of the Kansas City Royals.

While Mahomes is getting ready for the 2024 NFL season, fans still think that he will be clutch next season after winning the Super Bowl last season. One fan even pointed out that the quarterback has been clutch forever, and if we’re being honest, it’s a fact.

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