When Tom Brady Got Dragged Into Ben Affleck’s Cheating Scandal With Jennifer Garner

Meta Description: Tom Brady was once involved in Ben Affleck’s cheating scandal with Jennifer Garner. Here is how it happened.

When Tom Brady Got Dragged Into Ben Affleck’s Cheating Scandal With Jennifer Garner

Former couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner got separated in 2015 following a report that the actor had cheated on his now ex-wife while being involved with his children’s nanny Christine Ouzounian.

As per US Weekly, the two, Affleck and Ouzounian, started seeing each other during the actor’s ten-month trial separation with Jennifer. However, the NFL legend Tom Brady, somehow, got involved in it.

When Tom Brady was dragged into Ben Affleck’s cheating scandal with Jennifer Garner

Tom Brady was once dragged into Ben Affleck’s cheating scandal with his now ex-wife Jennifer Garner. In an interview with Vanity Fair in 2016, the 52-year-old actress said that Ouzounian “was not a part of the equation,” as they were already “separated for months,” before she even heard of the nanny.

However, as per E! News, although the divorce was already in process ahead of the trip, Jennifer fired the nanny, a source claimed.

However, pictures of Affleck with Ouzounian in 2015 emerged aboard a private jet trip to Las Vegas from the Bahamas and the jet was of Brady, the actor’s close friend, as per Daily Mail.

Additionally, the viral images involved the seven-time Super Bowl champion’s prized possessions! In one of the pictures received by Page Six, Ouzounian was seen wearing the former New England Patriots’ four Super Bowl rings and the whole attention shifted to the award earned by Brady.

Soon after the pictures went viral, Affleck and Jennifer announced their separation. It was also reported by US Weekly that Brady’s marriage itself came under scrutiny since Gisele Bundchen “threatened divorce,” after the Brazilian model learned about the trip.

It was reported by the Daily Mail that the 43-year-old fashion model had no clue about why Brady would let Affleck and his nanny ride on his private jet and wear the Super Bowl rings. Nevertheless, the former Patriots quarterback and the model were seen holding hands together later.

Ben Affleck appeared at Tom Brady’s Netflix Roast Special

Ben Affleck was one of the celebrity guests at Tom Brady’s recent Netflix Roast Special. The two have been close friends since their initial meeting at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner when the future Hall of Famer was 22 and the actor was 27, at least that’s what the two-time Academy Awards winner revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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