Will Levis’ Ex-GF Gia Duddy Has Social Media Wowed After Posting Steamy Workout Video And Tiny Red Bikini Photos

Gia Duddy is trending again after making her return to social media.

Will Levis’s former girlfriend took a major break from social media after a concerning video leak, but she has returned with a vengeance with her latest activity.

Duddy took to her Instagram and posted a picture of herself on a treadmill, rocking a black top and tight purple pants as she walked and listened to music.

Her final post was a picture of her wearing a two-piece pink bikini as she sat on a lounge chair in the sun. She had to block the sun from her face just to take the picture.

Gia Duddy first went viral when she showed up alongside Levis at the 2023 NFL Daft. She received plenty of camera time as Levis would remain unselected during the entire first round of the draft.

His name would finally be called the following day, but he chose to stay with his family rather than endure the camera’s spotlight for a second day.

The appearance of Duddy caused a major spike on all of her social media accounts, but not all attention is good, as she soon found out.

Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last during his rookie campaign, and soon, everything they had posted about each other disappeared from social media.

Gia Duddy And Will Levis Exposed With Insane Private Tapes Leak After Getting Hacked

Gia Duddy has no problem going viral when she posts things for the world to see, but things got out of control after someone hacked one of their devices and sent out sexual pictures and videos of them being intimate when they were a couple.

Duddy left social media as a result, and Levis stayed quiet, hoping the entire thing would blow over.

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