All of Taylor Swift’s nods to ex Matty Healy in her ‘Fortnight’ music video

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Taylor Swift may be guilty as sin of referencing her ex Matty Healy.

After the “Tortured Poets Department” singer dropped the music video for her Post Malone collaboration “Fortnight,” TikTok users pointed out the many parallels between the visuals and Swift’s ex, who fans believe is referenced quite a bit on her eleventh studio album.

For one, the film was shot in black and white — a stylistic choice “The 1975” frontman has opted to use for his own music videos, including “All I Need to Hear” and “I’m in Love With You.” Plus, both Swift and Malone are clad in long black coats with pants and loafers in one scene, which is very similar to the look Healy’s band wears in the video for their 2022 song “Part of the Band.”

And later on in the video, Swift was experimented on while strapped to a box reminiscent of the group’s official logo.

And those aren’t the only apparent nods to the 34-year-old’s former fling, whom she rekindled her romance with in May 2023 after first being linked to the rocker back in 2014. Malone — as well as “Dead Poets Society” actors Ethan Hawke and Josh Charles — appeared in a lab coat and glasses in the “Fortnight” clip, which was “The 1975” uniform for their 2022 “At Their Very Best Tour.”

“They actually had most of the stage crew wearing the lab coats during the entire show,” fan Kelsie Carlos said in an April 22 TikTok video. “When the second leg of the tour started up, Matty started wearing these lab coats with the glasses.”

But the “Fortnight” men aren’t the only ones to pay homage to Healy. After all, the “Blank Space” singer—who confirmed her romance with Travis Kelce in September — donned a headpiece in the clip that looks like the crown Healy rocked in his “Part of the Band” visuals. To top it all off, there’s a furry friend who made a brief appearance that similarly calls back to the band’s 2022 song.

“Why the hell did they have to include this black dog running in front of her just like they did in ‘Part of the Band’?” Kelsie said in her breakdown. “This one you just can’t deny.”

Or, it could just be Swift playing up her “Anthology” track “The Black Dog,” named after a bar.

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