Blackpink fans joke that singer Rosé, 27, is a jinx that breaks up high-profile couples after she poses with celebrities – including Taylor Swift, Florence Pugh, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner

Rosé of BLACKPINK, often hailed for her ‘golden voice,’ has become the center of a playful fan theory attributing her with a mythical power to cause celebrity break-ups.

This humorous notion took off after several high-profile couples, including Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn, as well as Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, parted ways following their encounters with Rosé. In a memorable Instagram story from 2021, Rosé, also known as Park Chae-young, was seen with Gigi Hadid at the Met Gala. The post, which resurfaced via Pop Base’s account, preceded the announcement of Gigi and Zayn Malik’s split by a month.


Fans are obsessed with the inside joke that the New Zealand-born singer is behind a number of high profile splits - including Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn and Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik - simply after being pictured in a photo with them. Pictured in 2022 at the VMA Afterparty 

Rosé’s friendship with Bella Poarch in 2021 further fueled the myth. Rumors suggested Rosé would feature on a remix of Bella’s viral track ‘Build a B**ch,’ as reported by Paparazzi captured the two together, and not long after, Bella disclosed her divorce plans.

The narrative continued when Rosé met Taylor Swift at the VMAs in 2022. Swift seemed equally enchanted by Rosé during their performance of ‘Pink Venom.’ A few months later, rumors of Swift’s breakup with Joe Alwyn surfaced.

The ‘curse’ extended to Florence Pugh, who posed with Rosé at Tiffany & Co.’s exhibition in London. Pugh later announced her split from Zach Braff, stating, ‘We’ve been trying to do this separation without the world knowing, because it’s been a relationship that everybody has an opinion on.’

Kendall Jenner, too, was linked to the superstition after a photo with Rosé at the LACMA ART+FILM GALA. She reportedly ended her relationship with Devin Booker but was rumored to be reconciling with him. ‘He’s happy to have a shot with Kendall again because he really missed her,’ a source told Us Weekly.

The jest even reached fans, with one sharing during a live session that they had broken up with their fiancé after Rosé noticed their proposal at a concert.

The latest buzz involved a photo of Rosé with Blake Lively, stirring concerns over the ‘curse.’ However, many believe Lively’s marriage to Ryan Reynolds will withstand the superstition. ‘SHE KNOWS DAMN WELL ABOUT THE ROSÉ CURSE IN CRYINGGGG,’ a fan humorously tweeted.

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