Caleb Williams Criticized For Going Out Of His Way To Be Different Than The Rest Of His Draft Class

Earlier this week, a report about some of Caleb Williams’ personality traits worrying NFL teams made headlines, as it was revealed that his crying after one of USC’s losses “scared a lot” of the league’s franchises.

One former scout, according to reporter David Fleming, said that Williams is like if “Prince played quarterback.”  An anonymous NFL assistant also negatively compared Williams to Russell Wilson due to an apparent “lack of self-awareness,” according to The Athletic.

“He gives off a Russell Wilson vibe with this lack of self-awareness. ‘I’m kind of above everybody.’ Not bad. Just a little where you want to see him be a more regular guy. Are you gonna be able to coach him or is he gonna be more worried about his marketing team?”

The “I’m kind of above everybody” line from The Athletic‘s report is particularly interesting as he seemed to display exactly that while fulfilling some media duties with his fellow NFL Draft picks, as they were all seen in Nike sweatsuits, except Williams.


To be fair to Williams, it must be noted that the presumed #1 overall pick is currently in the midst of negotiating a lucrative brand deal, which is perhaps why he decided not to wear Nike’s gear. Still, given recent revelations from NFL personnel, Williams is beginning to develop a reputation as a primadonna.

“Some won’t agree, and that’s fine, but this is an example of why I didn’t want Caleb in DC. Everyone dressed in unison, meaning it’s likely from the NFL. Then there’s Caleb, trying to stand out and separate himself. Constant s— like that rubs people the wrong way in a locker room,” tweeted one football fan.

“Caleb Williams better be good. He do entirely too much,” said another.

“This guy could possibly lose a locker room within a year,” claimed an NFL watcher.

There was another view of Williams’ outfit decision, however, as one NFL fan suggested that him angering people by doing ultimately harmless things is making him even more of a fan.


With Williams not only being the #1 overall draft pick but heading to a market as big as Chicago and a franchise as tortured as the Bears, this is surely just the beginning of the scrutiny he’ll face over the course of his career.

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